Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Review

I bet he was Hoff his head!

Are you a fan of all things 80’s and 90’s? Are you partial to a cheeky leg warmer or a neon glowstick? Do you have hazy memories of nights spent partying in Ibiza? OR are you a David Hasselhoff fan?

If any of the above applies to you, I guarantee you will enjoy the musical that I am going to tell you all about. Even if the above points don’t describe you but you just like a good old party, then keep reading!

Earlier this week I was invited to attend the press night for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life* at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre (The Grand is such an asset to Wolverhampton!). According to the press release, the show is a ‘hilarious hit fest with a touching father and daughter drama set against a background of sun, sea, sex and drugs with hits that take us back to the 80’s and 90’s.’

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Review

‘The Hoff’ themed cakes! (Somebody had taken one already so this photo irks me!)

So, what did I think? I loved it. I unashamedly sang along from start to finish (which is encouraged!) and became truly sweet up in both the party ‘hype’ and the adoration for ‘The Hoff’ which radiated around the room.

Okay. It’s not necessarily the greatest storyline and it definitely won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but they know that, at one point a character said to the audience ‘I know, you’re not watching Miss Saigon now are you!’

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Review

Photo – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

The songs fit the narrative in the style of a jukebox musical and ensure that everybody is up on their feet singing and dancing. The musical was written for ‘The Hoff’ and you can tell. He is very much the star attraction (that much was obvious by the Baywatch scene that is shoe horned in to the second act!) and his character isn’t exactly going to break boundaries, but he is fun, loveable and born to work a crowd. ‘Hoff’ jokes are also very much a feature!

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Review

(8)I’ll be readyyyyyy(8)

For me though there were 3 cast members who just took the performance up a notch and cemented my love for the show.

Shane Richie Junior plays loveable 18-30’s rep, Rik and his comic timing leaves you unsure as to whether he is ad-libbing or not. Great voice too!

Tam Ryan as the hapless yet hilarious JosΓ© has the audience in the palm of his hand and in stitches throughout.

Finally, Barry Bloxham as the resident villain in the story, Ebenezer, was a revelation. His character ties the whole show together and for me was probably the stand out performance.

#LNADJ (as you are encouraged to hashtag it when sharing photos or tweets) is on in Wolverhampton until Saturday 21st November before it continues it’s run around much of the country. If you fancy reliving those memories and singing along to Spice Girls, Vengaboys, Madonna and even an added bit of Rick Astley, I would 100% recommend getting yourself some tickets.

I want to go again!

Charlie x

P.S. Apologies for the photo quality. Phone camera in a theatre – not a good idea!

* I was lucky enough to be invited to see the show and provided complimentary tickets, however I could not fake this kind of enthusiasm so this review is 100% all my own thoughts!


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