Life Update | It’s been a while.

So I have taken an unplanned break but now I am back and raring to go!

Rather than babble on about all the things I have been up to I thought I would ease myself back in with a photo round up! I’ve gone through my camera reel and have tried to sum up the last couple of months in twelve photos!

Liquid Fudge Cookies, Leaving presents from work, parents round for dinner, dinner party, new job and new office!

  1. Oh my. These melt in the middle fudge cookies are the one. Recipe is from Lady from a Tramp.
  2. I left my job. Time had come for a change but I really did love the friends I made in that office so it really was a sad day and I definitely need to catch up with them all! That includes you, Tales of PeckΒ and Shiptoria!
  3. I finally did a grown up thing and cooked a proper meal for my parents. (Except I was ill and so they had to leave early. So almost!)
  4. New job. New desk. It is much messier now!Arcade winnings, rubber ducks, afternoon tea, rub smokehouse Birmingham, The Botanist Cocktail
  5. Aside from renting a boat, whilst we were in Norfolk we spent a great deal of time entertaining ourselves on the 2p slots. What do we have to show for it? 32 little rubber ducks!
  6. The boy got a new job too (told you it has been busy!) so I was a cute girlfriend and made a little afternoon tea accompanied by wine. Okay, maybe the wine was more important!
  7. We finally visited Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham. A burger in a calzone, yeahhhhh. Review to follow soon!
  8. The Botanist had also been on my to do list for far too long so I was pleased to tick it off! Their signature ‘The Botanist’ cocktail was blinkin’ lovely.Popcorn maker, hair cut, homemade pizza, Ed Sheeran
  9. My favourite treat in the world is Popcorn. A lot of people don’t understand it but I have always loved it. Sweet not Salty though, eurgh! For our anniversary the boy surprised me with this popcorn maker and it is amazing!
  10. Shameless Selfie. Treated my hair to a much needed overhaul. New style and new colour. Hadn’t realised how dead it had gotten!
  11. I have become the homemade pizza queen. That is all.
  12. Ed Sheeran. I have no other words. This was an incredible evening!

What have I missed? Anyone been up to anything nice?

Charlie x


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