Zip World Bethesda

Zip a dee doo dah | Zip World @ Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda

Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee ay, my oh my what a wonderful day… Sorry, I got a bit carried away there! Thats going to be in my head all day now, fantastic.

Zip World Bethesda

The end of the Little Zipper

So the reason I am serenading you with Zip a dee do dah from Songs of the South is because last weekend I went Zip lining. Not just any Zip Wire either, the longest one in Europe and the fastest one in the WORLD! I like a thrill, I am up for anything new or exciting and when members of my family announced that they were going to journey 3 hours down to the Snowdonia National Park region in Wales and take part in this experience at Zip World, I couldn’t really have said no, could I?! Yeah, I wasn’t quite so happy about it when my alarm dared to ring at 3.45am! THREE, the time began with a THREE and finished with an AM! I was very much under the impression that there was only one 3 o’clock in the day.

Moaning over, we began the beautiful, scenic journey through Wales towards our destination, arriving with plenty of extra time before our 8.40am start time. Once the time came, we signed our lives away on insurance documents (we probably signed to protect ourselves but things like that always feel like you are signing away your life and possessions, ‘If anything bad happens, you may take my laptop, car and my two pet fish, Leonard and Sheldon’) and then it was off to get kitted up! By this time our valuables were with our family members who were not taking part so unfortunately I have no photos of me all trussed up in the finest red boiler suit and harness you are provided with. It’s a real shame you aren’t able to see it, it really is. Not.

Zip World

Safety First!

First up we were to try the Little Zipper, a smaller yet still pretty scary zip wire, this is done to introduce you to the experience, ensure you feel comfortable and confident, most importantly it makes you feel safer. You have to do a push up when you get connected so they can sort your harness out, this for me was the scariest bit as it is the first time you look out over the summit of your zip wire experience. Once done, you are lying in your harness and ready to go. After a quick countdown you are off, whizzing above trees and roads at speeds of up to 45mph, an incredibly exhilarating trip. You think it can’t get any more impressive, but the Velocity zip wire is still to come.

Once all of your group have their feet safely back on the ground, you board an open sided lorry for the ascent up to the top of the mountain, through what once was the largest quarry in the world. The ascent is so steep that at times you are travelling at speeds of only 2-3mph. A 25 minute journey through the quarry to the top of the mountain takes you above the clouds and mist until you are so high your ears pop!

It was then time for the main event, in pairs you wait patiently for your turn until you are called forward to do your lovely little push up and get secured into place. Again a countdown takes place before you are suddenly hurtling downwards, through the clouds at speeds of up to 119mph!! Breaking through the clouds you are met with the most stunning views of the quarry lake that has been slowly dyed a fluorescent turquoise thanks to the colbalt slate minerals.

Zip World

The natural Cobalt blue lake

The views at this point are absolutely breathtaking and the fear of the zip wire leaves you completely, allowing you to enjoy the ride. Before you know it though you are approaching the end of your experience, being helped down by the amazing trained staff and planting your feet firmly on solid ground.

Zip World

Look! Thats us once we came through the cloud!

Zip World Velocity is an incredible thrill and at approx £60 per person I would definitely urge everybody to have a go. Luckily my lovely Dad treated Andy and I to this day out, however it is definitely worth saving up for. It is real bucket list stuff!

I would love to try the other experiences they have there, the Titan experience is next on my list or maybe even zip lining through the caverns below!

Would you have a go at the Zip World experience?

Charlie x

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