La Riche Directions - Alpine Green

In the Green. Risky hair decisions.

I am not a risk taker. I like to think I am but when it actually comes to it I like to stay safe in my comfort zone. This is especially true when it comes to clothing and my hair. I am incredibly self conscious and as much as I would love to be completely comfortable and outgoing, I am just not.

So when I was out and about shopping on Saturday and I came past a stall selling La Riche Directions and Crazy Colour hair dye I nearly walked straight past. Recently though I have been getting the urge to do something different. I have had blonde dip dye for the last few years and my hair is now the longest it has EVER been, so why not make the most of it.

So I was drawn back to the stand and decided to pick a colour with which I would dye over my ombre! I picked La Riche Directions as I have heard lots of good things about them. Then I decided on Alpine Green!

Hair pre-green!

Hair pre-green!

I lathered it all on, quite roughly to be honest and then left it on for around 1 hour. The best thing about these dyes is that they aren’t damaging to your hair, my hair actually feels better than ever! After this time I rinsed it off for a good 10 minutes and the bottom of the shower looked like I was standing in the sea!

So here is the final result!

The final result.

The final result.

I do love it, I absolutely love the fact I have done something a little bit different. The only problem is that it is fading SO badly! Below are pictures after the first wash and after the second wash.

After the first wash!

After the first wash!

After the second wash!

After the second wash!









I’m not sure if I am using the wrong shampoo or something! I have washed in cold water and barely touched my ends but still no joy! I understand that this colour will fade faster than many other colours but still! At least I still have over half a tub left to top it up!

La Riche Directions - Alpine Green

La Riche Directions – Alpine Green

Help! Has anybody got any shampoo/conditioner advice that isn’t going to break the bank?

Don’t get me wrong, I still flippin’ love looking in the mirror and it being a bit different!

What colour should I try next?

Charlie x


2 thoughts on “In the Green. Risky hair decisions.

  1. Hannah Webster (@hannahwebs) says:

    This looks so good! I just got a dipdye back and really want to do some directions on it soon. Try mixing a tinnyy amount of the dye with your conditioner and also use dry shampoo to go longer between washes. Those are the only things that ever worked for me with bright hair to get it to last longer. Greens/blues are usually easier to keep than warmer toned colours so it should last a while πŸ™‚ x


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