Lucknam Park

April in 200 words. | Photo Round Up

Well, April has been a whirlwind. No weekends at home but some pretty amazing memories, here is a quick photo round up for you nosy devils πŸ˜‰


1. Easter eggs at 8am. It’s allowed.

2. Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake. I made that. It was a very proud moment!

3. Work. Copywriting. Making sheds sound pretty.

4. Look at that for a dining room. The Park at Lucknam Park is incredible.

5. The bed. It was magnificent. I could sleep just thinking about it!

6. Sneaky little view of Lucknam Park in the sunshine.

7. All dressed up for dinner, wearing my beloved MAC Diva.

8. Lucknam Park in all it’s glory.

9. Donning the chef whites for a cooking class with TV chef Matt Tebbutt.

10. The boy and Matt Tebbutt after our cooking class πŸ™‚

11. Matt Tebbutt and I trying to keep our eyes open whilst facing the sun

12. I would like to be served breakfast like this every day please.

13. My beautiful new bag, I never buy bags so this is a big deal. River Island FYI.

14. The stunning Mink and Stone necklace I won through the competition on She Might be Loved. I love it.

15. My new mug, just in case I forget my name this will give me a hint.

Charlie x

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