World Book Day.

Summer reading! (Best photo I had!)

Summer reading! (Best photo I had!)

Every year I wish I was young enough to be attending school just for this day. As an adult there doesn’t seem to be much call for dressing up as your favourite literary character which saddens me greatly. Why should the youngsters get all the fun?!

Also, I saw a lot of pictures filling my newsfeed on all types of social media of peoples children dressed up for the day and so many of them were dressed up as people NOT FROM BOOKS! Elsa from Frozen – Not from a book, Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad – Not from a book\! (Also if your child knows who these characters from Breaking Bad are, surely that’s an issue?! Don’t even get me started on the kid who went as Christian Grey!)

Reading is a joy, I love it and always have, there is nothing better than being given a nice new book as a gift or having a splurge at your local book shop. I read on my e-reader too but it just isn’t the same, it doesn’t have the smell that books have, new or old. You just can’t immerse yourself into another world quite as well on an e-reader. But yeah, you get it, I just love reading. (I read 9 books between Christmas and New Year, I do get addicted)

With that in mind, it’s not quite as exciting as dressing up but I thought I would write a post on my top 3 literary characters I would like to dress up as!

1.Β Mary Poppins – I am a Disney girl, always have been, always will be and growing up this was my favourite film and still holds a very dear place in my heart. However I also loved the series of 8 Mary Poppins books by P.L Travers. Every night, I would get into bed and close my eyes so that I could randomly point to 1 of the 8 books for my parents to read to me. As I got older, I would stay awake at night, using a sneaky torch of my brothers, reading these books over and over until the covers were worn and battered. These will be the first real stories I introduce my children to, they teach children to be well behaved and have good manners whilst also encouraging their creativity and sense of imagination.

2.Β The Mad Hatter – Okay, this is based less on my love for him as a literary character, I mean he is a classic, however I have always wanted to go all out on a costume for the Mad Hatter. Think huge papier mache hat, playing cards placed in cool places, ribbons, bright colours. You could get away with anything for this costume, be as flamboyant as you want! Also, you could get away with carrying a teacup and saucer round all day (and I would make sure it was filled with coffee at all times!)

3.Β Moon Face – Good old Enid Blyton. This book was my ultimate favourite when I was a child, in fact I still read it now. It has been handed down from my older cousins and it is now held together by lots of sticky tape. Such a heart warming read and a real nice fairytale. So many characters to choose from, Silky the Fairy, The Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot and Mr. Watzisname to name but a few, however the ultimate character for me was always Moon Face. A pivotal character to the plot, always helping people out and going on adventures with the children. Just pure love for this character, imagine a costume for this! I would get to make my face into a big moon!

Obviously these are my child friendly choices, my favourite book of all time is Birdsong but I couldn’t very well go to World Book Day as Stephen Wraysford, a lieutenant in the First World War who was badly injured, could I?

Who would you have dressed up as for World Book Day?

Charlie x

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