It’s been a busy week…

Tropical Ocean

Tropical Ocean

Well it’s been a little while, just over a week in fact, but i’m finally putting fingers to keyboard (is that even a phrase?). I have been trying to find the time to blog, I have been having serious withdrawals but it’s been pretty busy!

Just over a week ago, we moved house. Previously we lived in a little terrace house, with possibly the worst neighbour in history and we have been counting down the days in order to be able to move. And we finally have. To our cute little flat that we are slowly but surely putting our own stamp on!

You can’t even open the door to the spare bedroom, there are so many boxes it is unreal but we will get there, in time!

Here is a little snapshot, the only Pinterest perfect photo I will probably ever take! But this is my bargain welsh dresser (Β£80 – Gumtree! Best purchase EVER!) covered in all our little trinkets, bits and bobs!

My favourite bit of our flat!

My favourite bit of our flat!

So we have several IKEA visits still to come but at least we are in!

Also, how cool is this candle holder?!



Aside from trying to do all of this without taking a day off work, the rest of our time has either been spent driving around to different home and furniture shops or picking up bits from the supermarket. I know how dull.

Although, all of the driving has enabled me to discover that KFC coffee is pretty darn brilliant. They even do vanilla lattes!

KFC Vanilla Lattes - Surprisingly good!

KFC Vanilla Lattes – Surprisingly good!

Other than that, my life is pretty dull at the moment so I won’t bore you all with the details. However, I did go to my cousins 8th birthday the other day and it was frickin’ Laser Combat! Possibly the most awesome thing I have ever done. Similar to Paintball just with laser guns instead, the game was set in about a mile and a half of woodland with fallen trees, marsh, lots of hiding places and streams etc. I spent a lot of time half up a tree, pretending that I was some kind of awesome sniper but in reality my little sound box on my arm was saying ‘You have been hit, life lost.’

There were however two downsides, the first was pretty much having to ‘off-road’ to get to ‘base camp’ at the beginning and having swerve to avoid the abandoned jeeps that they use to set the scene, when you are driving a Toyota Aygo, even small divots are a problem never mind HUGE potholes! The second downside was that the next morning I ached in places that I didn’t even know I had muscles!!

Camo is not my thing...

Camo is not my thing…

Sorry if this has been extremely boring and well done if you made it this far!

How have your weeks been?

Charlie x

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