Cheesy but true...

Cheesy but true…

Before I start, what the actual hell is that hashtag? Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?! Idiots.

I don’t like to talk about my weight usually, it’s my business, I’m not particularly comfortable with it and I am working on that. Being classed as ‘Plus Size’ in general is not a nice thing. However a size 16 is the middle of the spectrum, there are bigger sizes, there are smaller sizes and do you know what? That label in your clothes doesn’t affect how beautiful you are, inside and out, how funny or amazing you are and it definitely shouldn’t affect what people think of you.

I’m writing this post out of frustration. Why can a company get away with this? Making somebody feel bad for who they are is wrong on all levels.

As Ms. Norbury says in Mean Girls ‘You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores.’ (Yes I am quoting Mean Girls!)

It applies to this as well, not just with guys but if we all refer to other ladies weight (men too) and size constantly, it becomes the norm and it allows everyone to do so.

I am who I am for several reasons, my job, my interests, my sense of humour, the fact I can do winged eyeliner without a mirror etc and yeah I am a size 16, BUT WHO THE HELL CARES.

Stop shaming others, ‘Skinny Shaming’ and ‘Fat Shaming’, nobody should be made to feel ashamed.

Thanks for reading, I would love your comments!

Charlie x

4 thoughts on “#SkinnyBirdWatching

  1. Kirsty Baker says:

    I wrote a post like this a while ago, also quoting Mean Girls strangely enough haha. It was actually the song, ‘all about that bass’ that provoked my rant as it includes lyrics that can be classed as skinny shaming, which is bad considering it is supposed to be a body positive song. Anyway I totally agree with you, people shouldn’t judge others based on size, period. I hate clothes sizes anyway, they’re not even the same in a lot of shops.

    http://www.kirstytalks.co.uk x


    • charliecakeandcoffee says:

      Any kind of shaming is wrong, it annoys me. Why should anyone have the right to make someone else feel bad about themselves? Grr! Thank you for commenting, I nipped over and read the post you mentioned and I wholeheartedly agree! x


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