10 reasons I am rubbish at moving house…

Embarrassingly, this was my spare room a few days ago…

On Wednesday we get the keys to our new house, with a view to moving in fully on Saturday, exciting right?! Sort of. Unfortunately, the initial excitement has now died down and I am now left with the reality of actually having to make this move happen. The problem is, I SUCK at this. For a number of reasons, well 10 to be precise:

1. Well…don’t judge me…but sometimes in times of packing frustration, I have been known to roll around on the floor waving any white fabric I can find and shouting “I surrender”. I know. It’s pretty embarrassing. In my defence it was at around 2am and I think I was delirious. But yeah, that happened.

2. Once the move is confirmed, credit checks are processed etc I get the urge, the urge to buy lovely new things for my lovely new home. This is counter productive. I have now realised this. It’s even worse because everything I seem to buy is breakable and then we have to find a way to transport this without ending up with shards of glass where my beautiful new jars used to be. So basically, my advice is, when you get the go ahead to move house, do not celebrate by taking a trip to Ikea like I did!

3. The thing I especially dislike about moving house is memories. So many boxes full of photos, flyers, tickets and university work. I even begin looking through my university work and thinking how much I would like to write a 3,000 word essay right about now. That, my friends, is when I know I am delirious!

4. My name is Charlie and I am a hoarder. Not in the extreme sense, I wouldn’t qualify for one of those TV shows that feature people who have every newspaper that has ever been published, piled up neatly in their back bedroom! I just have rubbish. Flyers from every uni night out, clothes that I am NEVER going to wear again and even Spice Girls cassettes. I just can’t get rid!

5. Okay, this may make me an unconventional blogger, but I am not neat. I mean, my boyfriend is a saint. I am the cook and spontaneity in our relationship but I am most definitely not the clean one. Organising things into specific boxes does appeal to me, it’s just never going to happen.

6. I can always justify a nap or a sleep. It is important for your wellbeing. It comes above the need to pack and above pretty much anything else. In my opinion. I think it is also called laziness.

7. I take too long when I go through my stuff! I end up finding make up from many moons ago, giving myself a makeover with said makeup and then realising that the Glitter Babes products in question went out of circulation around 10 years ago and I probably shouldn’t be piling them on my face just for the fun of it! Pass me a face wipe…

8. Cardboard boxes become the most fun. EVER. “I will just see if I can fit in this box…LOOK IT’S A SPACESHIP! Pass me that smaller cardboard box, I need a helmet!”

9. Any spontaneous bursts of energy are spent dancing to old CD’s that I have just uncovered. I mean Busted and Good Charlotte are amongst the classics, I need to dedicate some time swinging my hips to these lyrical geniuses.

10. Finally, I have just spent an hour writing and editing a blog about being rubbish at moving house, when I could have been packing. I think that says it all.

My boyfriend truly deserves a medal.

Anyone else suck at packing or are you all great at use getting it done?!

Charlie x

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