My weekend round up.

So I will probably find out that nobody cares, however I’ve always found that the blog posts I like reading the best are the ones that just show me what a person has been up to. I’m a bit nosey like that I guess! Not the posts that are shiny, perfect lifestyles but almost like a diary post. I thought I would just let you in on what I have been up to πŸ™‚

As you are probably well aware of, it was Valentine’s day on Saturday. After my rant about it this week, it’s probably obvious that we don’t make a big deal. My other half and I only get one day off together a week (which is all set to change in a few weeks! So exciting!) so we always make sure to do something together on a Saturday. Valentines was pretty much the same as every other Saturday, just with a few prezzies!

The sweetheart treated me to a gorgeous Paperchase notebook and pen (and lots of chocolates). He knew I wanted to give this blog everything and so bought me a really nice writing set so that I could plan!


Then I did get breakfast in bed (I quite often do on a Saturday because he is a good’en really.) but it wasn’t Avocado or Salmon, I had a yummy bacon and egg sandwich, because well, carbs. I love ’em!Β Then the romance was over.

After that we got up and went for a mooch round some car showrooms, I want a new car, I love my current car but it is showing it’s age so it may be a way off, but I wanted to peruse my options. Oh, I also got my new glasses! Have a picture of my face in my new glasses…

New specs.

We treated ourselves to a late lunch at an American diner (watch out for a review in the next few days!) and then headed home for a Netflix night with popcorn and brownies I had baked!

I want these again!

My Sunday’s as mentioned in one of my previous post’s are never that great, they are lonely and lazy. Today I mainly wallowed in front of Jeremy Kyle. However I did haul my arse out of bed and went on a bit of a wander round town. I want a nice handbag with two compartments so that I can carry my new notebook and glasses in a separate compartment to my make up and receipts so that my nice things don’t get ruined!

Finally I popped to Caffe Nero which is my favourite thing to do on a Sunday. I wait for the boy to finish work and today I planned a couple of blogs and drank coffee like it was going out of fashion!

Perfect.Sorry if this has been the most boring post, if I have bored you to tears please let me know and I will avoid this type of post in the future!

Now I am off to eat this cheesy baked enchilada’y goodness. Diet starts tomorrow…


How was your weekend?

Charlie x

2 thoughts on “My weekend round up.

  1. Alice Grace says:

    I like to have a cheeky nose into other people’s lives too and this is such a nice, more personal post idea! I’m currently on the hunt for some new glasses and yours are gorgeous! My boyfriend and I didn’t make Valentine’s day into too much of a big deal, either. We got each other cards and chocolate and then he cooked me a wonderful meal in the evening and we watched some films πŸ™‚

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty



    • charliecakeandcoffee says:

      Haha I am glad it isn’t just me! Ooh thank you, they are just from the Specsavers Red or Dead range πŸ™‚

      Yeah I think that’s the way I prefer it, I flippin’ treat him every day so it’s not really necessary!

      Thank you for the comment πŸ™‚ x


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