Manage me, I’m a mess… | All Time Low



So originally this was going to be a review post, but the gig I attended last night feels like it just requires more than that.

Back in November, for my birthday, my other half bought me tickets to the All Time Low and You Me At Six joint headline tour. I am heavily into music, of all different genres, always have been, always will be I suppose. I’ve always tried to go to see any band that I’ve loved, live music is just something else. However there was one band that, for one reason or another, I have never been able to see – All Time Low.

Back in 2005 a friend lent me a copy of an album, The Party Scene by a little known band from Baltimore, America. I played that album to death, so much so that I think my parents would still be able to recite the words! Every album they have released since since then has been a firm favourite on my iPod/iPhone and the amount of plays for each song probably indicates that I have far too much time on my hands.

In 2009 All Time Low released an album entitled Nothing Personal and the first single to be released was called Weightless.

Thats when it happened. Weightless changed my life.

It’s not the stereotypical ‘changed my life’ moment, I am well aware that it might not be the most thought provoking song or have the most challenging lyrics, but it makes me think. It’s my motivation, it’s my release, it’s my determination. In everything.

You know those days when it just all goes wrong, you feel like you are trying to climb the highest mountain in torrential rain? This song solves it. In fact the first part of the chorus says it all, ‘Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year.’

That’s it, in one line, there is my release. Stressed? I just whack it on in the car, turn the volume up as high as I can (I have a small Toyota Aygo and those speakers take a hell of a lot!) and I just belt it out, as loud as I can.

My degree pretty much happened because of this song, my interviews have gone well because of this song and my nights out have never been complete without this song.

It’s part of who I am now. This song will always mean the world to me because so many of the things I have achieved have all been motivated by it. I know, how deep!

So last night, they played this song, I didn’t care that a lot of my favourite songs from their repertoire weren’t in the setlist, because that one song meant everything and every second of it was incredible.

Basically I think the point of this post is to tell you that if you ever feel like you can’t do something, listen to this song.

Everyone has songs that mean so much to them but probably wouldn’t mean anything to  most other people, what are yours?

Charlie x

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