A love hate relationship with Sundays.

The most productive part of my day...

The most productive part of my day…

It’s Sunday, as much a part of the weekend as Friday night and Saturday, but I just don’t love it.

I have never thought of myself as somebody who is dependent on others in order to have a good time, however I spend so much of my time with my other half that on a Sunday when he leaves for work before I even wake up, I feel lost. I am aware of how sad that makes me sound! But since moving to a place where neither of us know people outside of work, we do everything together. Every evening is spent together and we have our one day off a week together on a Saturday. It’s my favourite day. But come Sunday morning, he gets up and heads off to work and apparently he takes my motivation and energy with him.

Today for example, I lay in bed getting far too emotionally involved in Hollyoaks, eating leftover chinese and checking my twitter so often that I read the same tweets multiple times before anything new appeared! What is wrong with me! It seems that on a Sunday I revert back to being a student. Today it got to the point that having a bath felt like the most productive thing I could physically do (the fact that I had replenished my stock of The Comforter from Lush yesterday may have something to do with this!)

Maybe I just need this relaxation time? I don’t know but it is driving me crazy. Every week I feel like I lose a day of my weekend. It’s not that I can’t be independent and be on my own, I’ve lived on my own, I’ve always motivated myself to be productive however recently on a Sunday I just find myself having an internal argument with myself over whether to even get out of bed!

It is a valid day of the weekend, half of the days off I get each week and believe me, I LIVE for the weekend, but right now Sunday and I definitely are NOT friends.

(Oh! I forgot! I DID go to the Caffe Nero whilst waiting for the boy to finish work, that makes my day much more productive, right?)


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