The First Post.

Time for a cocktail...

Time for a cocktail…

So it’s got to be done, everybody has to have a first time. So here it is, I am a blogging virgin. I read blogs, hundreds of posts a week, however I have never commented on a blog never mind written one myself! This is it.

It is cliche to say, but I am a writer. I have always been a writer, writing posts for school newsletters, university magazines, helping with press releases for family businesses and just writing for my own sheer love of it.

But now it is serious. At 24 you can’t just say I love writing, you need to show it. So here I am, showing it.

Ouch, that all sounds very formal and that isn’t what I want this outlet to be. I need somewhere to babble on about the trials and tribulations of going from being a student without a care in the world to suddenly having to be a grown up. I feel like a blog is the best place for this.

Right, first one done, time for a cocktail…

Charlie. x

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